”It’s all about the desk.  Once I get the desk, the writing will come, and it has to, I used the money from my book advance to pay the fancy decorator” – Carrie Bradshaw

I am a firm believer in having the right tools for the trade.  In fact, I am well known amongst my group of friends, that if ever I attempt any new hobbies, I always go and buy any possible item of gear or clothing that I might need… just in case.  I feel it motivates me.  And why would creating my own business and starting to blog be any different?

With that psycho mumbo jumbo, and clear justification happening in my mind, I finally acquired these babies – iPhone 6 and MacBook Air. Officially I have to be one of the cool kids right?!  I just wonder how the hipsters afford it?  Suppose living on a diet of coffee and judgement saves you some money 🙂


So now the writing can begin!

Welcome, and thanks for the follows. Hope you enjoy my journey.



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