My personal philosophy when it comes to any form of design, is that good never goes bad.  I have previously been given Architectural Digest’s dating back to the 80’s, and while technology has changed from box TV’s and VHS to Plasma and DVD, I would still be able to repurpose every piece of furniture in that space to bring it current.

So today I went to go look at an apartment in one of my favourite buildings in Johannesburg – Whitehall Court.  This block situated in Killarney epitomises old Johannesburg to me, and am filled with ideas every time I go have a look ( This would have been the 5th apartment I have seen in that block in the last 5 years).  As you will note I have never bought there, as I am just slightly short on the asking price of R6mil. (That statement written in my sarcasm font obviously)

The unit today actually consisted of two adjacent units, a 2 bed and a 1 bed.

But I could totally justify that price if you look at the building below

505580_H_18505580_H_17  505580_H_21 505580_H_25

Personally I was not a big fan of the furniture and decor selected for the apartment as shown below


But if it was my apartment, I would be going Modern Contemporary, with a monochromatic look.

5b6fb454f4ecf64a671d0aedd26ef09e 512224170d4ed84efda90a7f8bba4cb67cdbbd572274ea3801a6a6897200ad7b 474854445494b201c55847e5ac73a438

Positive thinking and I will own a place like this one day!  But if you turn out to be the new owner of this stunning apartment, give me a call – I have ideas.



  1. Love your ideas!

    Wish you could see the beautiful houses we have been looking at. (Insert sarcasm font and some taffeta)


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