Apologies for the pop reference in the title, but I have this annoying habit of breaking into song when I use any lyrics in a sentence.  But its too late to apologise… 🙂

Just yesterday a fellow decorator and I were going through fabric samples and noted after grabbing all the black, geometric and metallic prints – ‘I swear one day my place is going to end up looking like Donald Trump lives there.’

So when Marcia Margolius of SA Decor Blog, highlighted this Ebony Clad Parisian Apartment, Donald manifested, and here we are.

Paris 1 Paris 2 Paris 3 Paris 4 Paris 5 Paris 6

Can we just have a moment to admire those chandeliers.  They look like spider webs, which fit perfectly into this very dramatic space.  Incroyable, tre magnifique, sensationnel, stupefiant!!!



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