Book Cover

As you can see from my blog design, I love a monochromatic look.  The inspiration behind my blog design was actually this book Black and White (and a bit in between), from the author Celerie Kemble.  I acquired this book more than 2 years ago, and still spot new details every time I page through it.

I understand that it does not appeal to everybody, and can be considered cold, but when I go back to my old saying that ‘good never goes bad’, that can certainly be said about a monochromatic colour scheme.  I also love her eclectic arrangement of furniture, textures and object’d art, and the mix of old and new.

BW 6 BW 5 BW 4 BW 3 BW 2 BW 1

Spot the little bit of gold above (thats the bit in between)… Donald Trump manifests again!



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