Tonight was the second and final run of the annual Parkhurst Christmas in July celebrations.  For those of you that are not familiar with Parkhurst, it’s a very trendy suburb in Johannesburg filled with decor, fashion and food outlets.  The charm of Parkhurst, is that the shops all line the streets, as opposed to being in a shopping mall (something unusual in South Africa these days).  The most famous of these streets being 4th avenue.

Following a delicious dinner and the compulsory gluhwein, myself and 3 friends set off to see what was on offer.  Being Christmas in July, my aim for the evening was finding beautiful items in shades of red and green.

I found two winners, the first being this modernist chair from Essential Life (their website is currently down *side eye*, but the salesman Eddie was very helpful, so let me know if you need more details).


The use of the retro material printed with Drum magazine covers, combined with the modernist era style frame, will fit perfectly into a pop culture inspired place as illustrated below:

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My second and best find of the evening has to be this beautiful red couch from Classic Bond Parkhurst.


When purchasing any bold couch, it is always important to consider the temperature of a room.  Should it be a sunny, warm room, a red couch could make it feel hot – which is obviously unpleasant.

To counter that, you can cool it down, by complementing it with blues or greys, as Jennifer and her team have successfully done above. (P.S. Love the cheeky cushion – story of my life 🙂 )

Other examples below:

19d73af4ebd21a6fe594f5e382215606 8206f31271857d6a2d205093fcc10516


To end off a marvellous evening on the streets of Jozi, some red indulgence from a green coffee shop was considered the honourable thing to do!


Merry Christmas in July everybody!


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