My mother is a pretty remarkable woman.  There has not been a craft fad that has passed that she has not mastered.  From quilting and embroidery, to teddy bear making and beading, this woman is basically capable of doing anything!

So when thanks to the pioneering efforts of Carolyn Steyn and her 67 Blankets for Mandela Day campaign, my mother phoned exclaiming that crochet was back, I was immediately struck with fear.  Visions of crochet antimacassar’s and doily’s flooding homes once again enveloped my sub-conscience.

I was wrong.

The art of crochet, when carefully selected and placed into a space can create wonderful warmth.  For those of you that do not know, texture, just like colour, can warm up a space.  Think of a high gloss white cabinet (cold) vs a white fur throw (warm).

Look at these beautiful examples of crochet being used correctly in a space:




My mother also supplied me with these beautiful placemats that she had made.  Farm style breakfast anyone?


Let me know if you would like some of the placemats… I know someone who could help 🙂



  1. Gorgeous! If she would be willing to share, I’d love the placemat pattern. Unfortunately my mother’s Alzheimer’s set in and she could not make for me. I have now been crocheting my four sisters afghans in her honour and I know they’d love the placemats mom made. Thank you for considering.


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