It seems like a rite of passage for all young Joburgers to live in a Summercon development.  If you do not know what that is, consider yourself lucky!  I myself am a proud owner of a unit in a Summercon development, and can with complete confidence say, that they are probably one of the worst designed apartments you can get!

For starters your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and dining area is downstairs, and then your living area and patio upstairs.  That means, that you always have to slug all your food, utensils and drinks up and down the stairs when you are having a function up there…  #sandtonproblems #babeIdied #haveyouever !!

One way to sweeten it all up, is to turn my 40m2 of a furniture graveyard (that’s right, that is where all my old furniture goes to die) into an oasis of tranquility with shade, storage, seating, cooking, and cleaning facilities.

Have a look at these lovely conversions

1fea248842e6930e0424b60a3b1819af 4a3efd887bc86453986db8369fc96518 20c49f8d7ed53479fb1382d78aa57958  fe367f4d8d9fb1cdd119b4236487692ea643ed937cbec91fc4a02fc554f172da


Now if only I could keep my succulents alive, this could work!


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