In the design game of Monopoly, Gold and Copper has managed to pass Tacky Street and Gaudyville, and landed firmly on the corner of Trend and Hot!

Was nowhere more evident than at Decorex this past weekend.  From accessories and lighting, to pieces of furniture. As that infamous Austin Powers character would say: ‘ Gooooooold’

Leading the pack in the furniture division was Leonardo DesignIMG_0301 IMG_0302IMG_0300

With these sculptural tables, side tables, chairs and vases, displayed against the black backdrop, you could instantly see the timeless charm of the precious metal.  Available in various colours (gold, silver, copper) and various finishes (I would for example like a black and white marble top for the dining table), they definitely are your go to company.

In terms of lighting I loved the copper piping used in the designs of Lumen.


Creating their own reflections in their base, these lamps, (with as you can see various shapes, sizes and strengths of lightbulbs) would definitely put the sparkle back into any dreary space.  Their minimalist design would also be more suited to a modern space.

The bathrooms did not miss out on the trend, with this copper basin from Antique Bathrooms


Don’t know how sure I am I would want to see my reflection on a concave surface first thing in the morning though… eek!!

And finally in the accessories department we have come all the way from the king of Sweden in 1607!  Skultuna is now available in South Africa and being distributed through the company Scarlin Brands.


All I can say, is if its good enough for the King…its good enough for me.  Beautifully delicate and well made – as expected from the Swedes.


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