A plumbers pipes are always leaking, right?  Therefore a designers own home is always in desperate need of an update/change (or so it feels!).

Most of my furniture has been acquired from ‘Hand me down’ and ‘Deceased Estate’, and while I feel I have been able to put it together in a aesthetically pleasing manner, the time has come to tackle my bedroom… people have made comments on its bland nature – its beige!

I have always been scared of bold colours, especially on a wall, as my dad had the house rule: You can paint your walls any colour as long as its cream… queue Queen’s ‘I want to break free’

I have decided on the colour scheme for my bedroom, and its Teal!! (60%), Navy (30%) and Gold (10%).




Teal is everywhere at the moment, and I think being Cancerian I have always been attracted to hues of aqua.

Just looking around my house I found inspiration:


My Le Creuset kettle and my new Mervyn Gers bowl in shades of teal…

So stay tuned, and be the first to witness the transformation!


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