Today is the 22nd of August, and while it is supposedly still ‘winter’, spring is definitely in the air… well Johannesburg does not really have spring or autumn, we have summer and winter… so let me rephrase and say summer is in the air!

On days like these I like to be outside and walk where I need to go, just so I can take in the beauty of my suburb and up the Vit D levels!  So today when I had to meet my sister at the train station to collect a package (blog post pending!)(sounds very Mission Impossible), I decided to walk there instead.  Just look – and the gardens aren’t even in bloom yet!


This is a beautiful Sir Herbert Baker building in my area.  He is a very well known architect in Johannesburg, especially in ‘old’ Johannesburg, and would love to own one of his designed properties one day.



This is the original property of the farm, that my area is built on – Melrose.  It has blue plaque heritage status, so you can read more about it here.  The owner of the property is known for planting all the beautiful oak trees in the suburb.



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