I’m back, I’m back, I’m back! This really was a prolonged silence, but phew, rather a hectic month at TDJ (now officially recognised as my term for ‘The Day Job’ – if you take it for your company name… you saw it here first!)

So what do you do after a month of hard graft…SPEND THAT MONEY!! *makes it rain them dollar bills*… (picks them up quickly and stores them for safe-keeping 🙂 )

As a shop, you need to lure customers into your store.  Your store front, is the first interaction you have with a customer, before they meet your un-enthusiastic assistant Linda, who does not feel like being at work today.  People tend to be lenient on lacking service if things are pretty.  Otherwise how did Paris become a shopping mecca? Have you ever met a friendly Parisian store keeper? (Especially if you are a foreigner)

From modern to classic, your store front immediately sets the tone of what to expect inside.

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Lure them in Linda!


Posted by:Andrew Hector

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