Whether you are a fan of Louis Vuitton or not, you cannot deny that they have the best Visual Merchandisers in the world.  Visual Merchandisers do exactly as their name says… they take the product, and make you see it in a pretty way.

While Louis Vuitton constantly introduce new product to their stores, it is the way they display it that always excites me. It’s pure art!

I have put together a compilation of some pictures from the web.  Enjoy!

e84e6e2c6b2cc67a27cd4667103928d4 537dd5d4fce799da4fb499dd1085116a e1236adfc4adaa5c487b9f6c12a72f14 1ee422c4592519f8cbff72095429ea38 da3d05540a334ede944347dcb032e017 138122aab487788a299b6326be627dfc de599d5d161f27c3f3844e4318751a71 1de371d66d88dea48471c71a480a5e8f aa844b70a8b51d59ee56d4f2fb91aebf 9289ee2bdc3990def040d675433cbe41 29f3897f7b3f6e77e876268fb531e219 f8f434de1bd8ff2f51ba6a84df1662b8

Pictures via


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