Broken Piggybank With Dollar Notes

A question that has often been raised, is how much should I spend on the interiors of my house?

I pose the question to you: Would you buy a Range Rover and ask for a cloth interior?

The interior of your house, should be fitting to the scale, design and price of your property.  Now you could argue that your house is an investment, but the furniture and interiors are not, but my counter argument is:

  1. Your personal residence is not an investments in my eyes.  As you live there, it is a lifestyle asset, just like your car.  The only difference is that your house generally appreciates in value (more so with a decent interior!)
  2. You might have to move at a stage leaving your house behind, but the furniture you can always take with you.

Does this sound like a sales pitch?  Maybe 🙂

My suggestion when it comes to planning the interiors of your house, is to budget in the range of 10% – 15% of the property cost, to do the interiors and finishes.  You do not have to spend it all at once, as generally you are pretty broke after extending yourself to get your dream house in the first place, but is the guideline you can use for planning purposes.


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