Well I arrived in Dubai 3 days ago, and it has been mind blowing!

Im sitting here trying to document the last three days, but it has been so overwhelming, I am not exactly sure where to start!

I have been at the shops all day for the last 3 days, and the options are incredible.  I was apprehensive, as property interiors here seemed to have a distinct arab flavour (gold and shiny), and while there is a place for that, it was not what my client had in mind.

I currently have over 150 furniture items that we have short-listed, that I now need to sort through, and see where it fits into the budget (and into the apartment). – Coincidentally the one store asked me to please refrain from taking any more pics haha

Unfortunately we had a whole plan fitting around the perfect couch that we had found, but then when we finally got the keys to the apartment at the end of day 2 we realised that it would not fit, and the plan kind of went out the window (together with the couch).

All is not lost, as I managed to track down the perfect replacement couch today (and in budget), so there is hope!

The building I am working in, is the twisty one on the left, situated in the Dubai Marina – Cayan Tower.  I have also added some cheesy pics of me at the Burj Kalifa, as well as the views of the Marina and sea from the apartment.

Taking a rest day tomorrow, and going to the Rugby 7s, yeah!  But starting Sunday it’s crunch time!  New flooring, painting, lighting and furniture delivery happening next week.

Pics of the apartment will follow as it gets done 🙂


P.S. Biggest achievement for me to date was driving on the wrong side of the road in a country where indicating is considered optional and hooting a requirement!



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