So today marks day 9 in Dubai!  And what an incredible experience it has been to date.

With the client, I have managed to sort out flooring and painting choices, contractor selection, and all furniture for the apartment with deliveries scheduled for Sunday. Not too bad considering I was at the Dubai Rugby 7’s for 2 of those days!

Here is my planning table:


One thing that we did not bargain on was that you need permission for EVERYTHING you want to to do in the building:

  1. Parking
  2. Access
  3. Moving old furniture out
  4. Moving new furniture in
  5. Painting your interior (yes… even painting your interior!!)
  6. Installation of light fittings

Being South African I understand that if you want to make alterations to the exterior of a body corporate managed property, or any building-work in the interior, you require approval, but it NEVER occurred to me that we would need permission to paint!

So now we wait for paperwork… hoping that we get to finish before I leave on Tuesday next week.  Another problem is that the building does not allow contractors there on a Friday/Saturday, so this is really limiting our timeframe.  So worst case scenario, I won’t be able to experience the fruits of my labour, but that is a good excuse to come back!



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