The key for my client, from the start, was that the apartment should look natural and that it has been put together over a period of time.  He did not want his apartment to look like the latest catalogue of a specific store.

This is key for any interior that you do.  While balance and symmetry are design elements, when it comes to symmetry, it does not necessary have to mean ‘matchy matchy’, but more that the weighting of the furniture on either side balances out.

The first option below, is the safe option, and recommended if you are unsure of how to arrange furniture is a space, and end up rather buying everyting from one store.  But it is boring, and creates no interest in the room.


The second room below is asymmetrical but balanced.  Weight is added onto the smaller table on the left, by adding the pictures onto the wall.  How much more interesting and inviting is the space below!


Getting back to the point of this post…

One of the stores in Dubai that have managed to curate the best furniture, and create interest through their fantastic visual merchandising is Marina Home Interiors.  I purchased quite a few pieces here for my current project, and can highly recommend a visit to their new flagship showroom in Barsha for inspiration and to buy!

Below are some pics!





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