As a child of the 80’s, there was rarely a house that did NOT have a knotty pine ceiling (with the obligatory matching ceiling fan).


I think the first thing new buyers did when the millennium hit was to either paint them white or remove them completely.  But I have been noticing lately that well… it’s cool again!

But how do I make my old ceilings look contemporary??

I have noticed 4 trends – and it all involves breaking up the ceiling to avoid that solid wood mass above your head:

  1. Staining the wood to remove that distinct yellow colour
  2. Adding support beams – even if just for decor purposes
  3. White cornices.  The old ceilings had matching pine cornicing which made them seem never-ending. The white cornices now frame them correctly, and differentiates the wall from the ceiling
  4. Leave the wood bare and untreated.  This is a more Scandinavian and contemporary look, but creates a great utilitarian feel.61863e245be10188d537066731f4a82f

Pictures via

Hopefully carpets in bathrooms do not come back… that just makes my toes curl!



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