One of my aspirations (and perspirations) in life is to have a walk-in wardrobe one day.  To see all those clothes and shoes on display brings me so much joy 🙂 Who does not want to feel like they are going shopping in their own closet every day?

It is excessive, gluttonous, obscene and narcissistic to have so much clothes and shoes that it needs it’s own room – which makes me want it even more!  After all, your clothes is as much a representation of who you are, as is the rest of your home and furniture.

Key elements to a walk in wardrobe are:

  • Lots of lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Hard Wood or Carpet underfoot (I saw some with tiles, but that is not luxurious enough for me)
  • Organisation

From what I found online, there seems to be a common trend that the closet is either feminine or masculine, and never the two shall meet.



I have a dream…


Pics via


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