Im currently in transit in Dubai on my way to Geneva (to get to Val d’Isere), and after various failed attempts to catch some zzzz’s at the airport I have now decided to rather write a blog post!

What I have noticed with my clients are that they normally have good Persian carpets/game skins (I am from South Africa after all!), but that they are small or awkward sizes, so tend to look like postage stamps in a large space.

My solution to that is carpet layering, using different textures to create depth and warmth, and increase the overall effect of the smaller carpets.

My base is to normally use a sisal carpet – it is neutral, textured, hard wearing and relatively inexpensive.  Or if you have many colourful kilims, layer them together to create a wonderful patchwork of colour.  (My mom will be very proud of me using the word patchwork!)

Here are some pics to explain the concept.


Pics via





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