SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!! Dolce & Gabbana have collaborated with SMEG to release a limited edition range of 100 individually designed and painted fridges.  They were released this week at Salon del Mobile in Milan, and definitely pay homage to their Sicilian roots, in true D&G Style…  Personally they remind me of old tins my mom had in the kitchen, but I love them.

0-holding-feature-homepage-dolce-gabbanal_12620_D-G-SMEG-FRIDGESdolce-and-gabanna-smeg-slideshow-01dolce-and-gabanna-smeg-slideshow-02dolce-and-gabanna-smeg-slideshow-03dolce-and-gabanna-smeg-slideshow-04dolce-and-gabanna-smeg-slideshow-05dolce-and-gabanna-smeg-slideshow-06dolce-and-gabanna-smeg-slideshow-07Retailing at 30,000 euros a pop, definitely a collectors piece!

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