I have been sitting on the sidelines…quietly observing this new craze of making absolutely all your furniture out of discarded pallets.  Words thrown around like ‘cheap’, ‘functional’, ‘cheerful’, ‘rustic’, ‘easy’… I have given an odd opinion on the matter, but today I am going to have my say.


Just no…

I will not discard the old pallet completely, as I do feel there is space for furniture that has been created out of the distressed wood, but my request is the following:

Do not use it if if still looks like a pallet, and especially…DO NOT USE IT IN YOUR MAIN BEDROOM… unless you are Christian Grey, and there are some ‘tools’ you would like to attach to the bed.  And this craze of lighting it from below!? Reminds me of pimp my ride!


Pallets by their design have been built for an industrial environment, so if you really want to have an industrial/rustic feel make use of the wood to build new furniture that looks distressed.


It looks neat, and most of all, FINISHED, which is much better than option one above!

Another good option for a pallet is cladding. I will approve of that use too.

Rant over.




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