Whenever I travel to a foreign country, I like to buy a piece of art instead of a bunch of trinkets (probably made in China) to remember the place by.  It serves a dual purpose in that it is something to remember my holiday by, and it adds another story and layer to my own home.

If a foreigner should ask me one thing they should buy to remember South Africa by, I would say a woven basket. Linking back to my post on Aztec Interiors , tribal prints are very trendy at the moment, and a basket is a great way to add both colour and texture into your space.  The flatter baskets will also travel easier than the 2.5m tall Giraffe you purchased on the way to Kruger Park!

And while you are at it… buy a few. As can be seen below, they like to travel in packs 🙂

Pictures via



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