As a kid of the 80’s I grew up with Panasonic. My first radio, then walkman, and then tape player was all Panasonic!  And the scary thing is, that they are all still going today! That’s right, I still get to pop in that Mango Groove tape when the mood hits.  Panasonic has always been associated with quality, so was very happy when invited to attend the Senseperience launch of all their products, held in Johannesburg on 21 April. Why have a Senseperience? After a lengthy absence from the South African market, Panasonic have firmly re-established themselves with a Head Office in South Africa a year ago, focussing on making an impact on the local market once again!

I am no techie, let me make that clear, so I am sorry that I can’t go into detail as to the specs of all the items… Sure there are some other bloggers who could help with that, but I attended to review the items from a design perspective… Ie how will it look in your house.

When it comes to electronics in the home, I look for 3 things:

  1. Does it pull focus
  2. Does it have a lot of wires
  3. Does it look cheap

If it ticks any of the 3 boxes above, that is a no from me…

From a design perspective, the TV’s and wireless sound systems that I focussed on among their array of products definitely ticked none of my ‘no’ boxes above. Brushed steel, square lines, matt finishes, and wireless technology where possible – all qualities that I love in any product. Anything too ‘chromy’ and bulky looks cheap to me, and the Panasonic Home Entertainment Systems looked anything but cheap!

My first choice for the day is their 4K Smart TV range.  What is 4K… that is the new buzz word, and refers to Ultra HD.  Perfect for streaming services having entered our markets with the launch of fibre countrywide. The TV is sleek, and fits practically flush against the wall, great for a designer.


And secondly I love the Wireless Speaker System. It’s unobtrusive, wireless (obviously), and allows you to stream music from online music services/radio stations or your phone/bluetooth device –  either in one room, or expandable over various devices with their multi-room system known as Party Mode. A connected home with no wires!


And in case you wondered, I have not been paid to write this 🙂 This is a totally shameless punt!



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