The general trend these days when people upgrade/revamp apartments is to rip out all of the original features, create a white box, and install the latest and greatest.  And while there is definitely a case for the removal of the blue porcelain bathroom set from the 70’s and 80’s, certain features when maintained/restored will work very well in a modern/contemporary space.

When entering an incredible apartment currently being renovated by one of my clients, the installation of oak wooden floors in a herringbone pattern, immediately made me think of mouldings which you will normally find in Parisian apartments.  Moving away from the ornate gold-leafing to be found in the palace of Versailles, when painted white, it creates a beautiful depth to a room by adding another layer.  I personally love the contrast between the antique moulding and modern contemporary lighting and pieces of furniture.

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Relatively inexpensive to do, you can create your own Parisian sanctuary in your home, by making and applying frames out of MDF / Supawood and painting them in the same colour as the wall.


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