Being a newcomer to the whole interior world, I am constantly visiting new stores, chatting to owners and shop assistants, and slowly building up a base of reliable and reputable suppliers.  But constantly I am reminded of this scene from the British series ‘Absolutely Fabulous’.

Why so snooty and serious??  I think what is scaring a lot of people away from visiting the so called ’boutique’ stores, and expanding their horizons further than your Mr Price Home, @Home and Coricraft, is not price… it is ATTITUDE.

Time after time I am met with sour faces, judgement when I say I am a designer, or just completely ignored. Having worked in corporate where one bad decision could cause a catastrophic chain of events, my question to these boutique stores – why so serious?  You are selling scatter cushions and throws, not performing transplant surgery.

So while I continue to have tremendous fun being creative and living my dream in my new profession – evidenced by a growing clientele purely based on referrals, my message to you is this:



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