I have been curating furniture for a rather large project for the past 3 weeks, with one of the items being a new couch for a bar area.  There was only one couch that I could think of that deserves pride of place in a bar… The Chesterfield.

Characterised by the curved deep buttoned back, this classic is usually covered in leather, although currently also trending strongly in velvets.

What I love about them is that due to their deep buttoned back, the seat itself tends to be quite deep, which is great for a small group of people to cozy up on with a glass of wine!  This classic style couch also seamlessly fits into most spaces, and is my favourite word… ‘timeless’

Having test-driven quite a few models country wide, so far this one, known as the ‘Kensington’ from Weylandts is the most comfortable!


Saddle up the horses and bring me my polo boots… these couches make me feel incredibly posh!

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  1. Great choice! Ek hou net so baie van die storie agter die Chesterfield: so designed sodat mans regop sal sit en nie hul pakke laat kreukel nie 🙂


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