Africa, summed up in the opening scene of Lion King… Baaaaa sowhenjaaa babageetse babaaaa right? No…

While I am a huge supporter of Safari’s and Safari Lodges, when it comes to creating a local  flavour in your home, there are many more pop icon items that you can use other than just thatch and wicker.  While bush lodges have definitely nailed the ‘look’ so to speak, the key when it comes to your day to day home, is to mix in local items with your current furniture, to create and eclectic mix that is both indigenous but still contemporary.

All you need when you are trying to create a specific look is critical mass.  By combining a collection of objet together, that share a common thread, and combining it with your current furniture you can create any look.

Have a look at what I have done below.  All the objet and art is local:


  1. Name sign showing local towns
  2. Flowers are proteas and succulents
  3. ‘Beetel’ car from a street vendor in Mozambique
  4. South African interior design books
  5. Lucky Star pop iconography bowl.
  6. Wire baobab tree given to me by a friend after used at a Nelson Mandela benefit
  7. Mervyn Gers blue pottery bowls
  8. Pottery vase from Odeon at Mall of Africa
  9. Porcupine Quills from Kruger National Park
  10. Art on wall a depiction of a Kgalagadi landscape done in watercolours by my sister
  11. Green leopard print cushions from St Ledger and Vigny (and available for sale from me!)
  12. Wool carpet from a local mohair producer.

So as you can see, all local, and by combining to create critical mass in conjunction with existing furniture, creates a look that is both contemporary as well as distinctly South African.




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