So I have been building up to this post today with the history of the Basotho blankets explained to you here yesterday.

The first area I would like to show you the use in, is an outdoor or patio area.  Even in the middle of winter, South Africans can still be found enjoying their patio’s, and what better way to keep your guests warm, as well as add a pop of colour and design element than with the blankets!

The process to follow when styling a Basotho blanket is as follows:

  1. Buy blanket
  2. Throw it on the couch

Yup… that pretty much sums it up! No extra thought needed 🙂

Molatsi Blanket


‘M’Arona Blanket


Victoria England Spitfire Limited Edition


Victoria England Malakabe


As can be seen we used various accessories, from pots to beads, hats to figurines, Buddha’s to horses, cushions to candles.  These blankets go with anything!  They really are chameleons!

I had an so much fun styling these shots with a friend, and you will too.

For more information visit.


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