Today in my series on the Basotho blankets, I will be styling them in what I refer to as a classic South African space.  This newly renovated heritage home,  had Oregon pine floors, pressed ceilings, bay windows and fireplaces.

To complement the house and not distract from it, the owner selected a neutral pallet for his furniture, with natural fibres and textures in the form of wood, sisal, leather and linen.

I completely upset the apple cart by adding bright colour in the form of scatters and the Basotho blankets.

As I explained yesterday, the trick to styling a Basotho blanket is:

  1. Buy Blanket
  2. Throw it on your couch or any other piece of furniture you might have.


And ta-da… its done!Aranda Spitfire BlanketDSC_0019DSC_0030DSC_0035DSC_0043DSC_0047DSC_0052

In this instance, accessories of aloes, driftwood, and succulents were added to continue with the ‘natural’ them in the room.

For more information on the history of the blankets, click here

For more information on sourcing the blankets, click here

And lastly, those curtains were designed and custom made by Andrew Hector Interiors, due to the curvature of the bay window, and not wanting to lose the space the bay window provided.  You can contact me here, should you require a consult.


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