Inspiration for a post can come at any time, and what always helps the cause is having a very creative and hands on family.  From quilting and crochet, to baking and woodwork, someone in the family will have the skills required.

While I am obviously a creative, I am a hazard to myself in the DIY department.  I can plan a project with German accuracy, but put a power tool in my hands, and blood is sure to flow!

So yesterday I stumbled upon this little DIY project that my cousin tackled on a day off!  As it is winter, those lucky enough to have a garden are probably busy pruning before summer returns, and might have a few stumps lying around.  Why not turn them into bedside pedestals?


So much better than a creation out of pallets, which as you know from my post here, is not my favourite!

And apparently one of these pedestals weigh 50kgs, so a perfect way to burn off some winter padding!


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