When it comes to any design trend or styling there are two things to remember – create critical mass by grouping items together to create a look and feel, but in the same breath too much of a good thing – is not!

So when it comes to the colour mustard, I am hardly recommending a full 70’s revival of mustard and brown, but highly recommend it as an accent colour to lift a dull or cold room!

Neutral, blue, or green interiors by their nature, are cold on the colour scheme spectrum, and can be warmed up by adding elements of red, orange or yellow.  My personal favourite is mustard.  I cannot explain why, but mustard to me is the perfect compliment, and much better than pure yellow.  I think the fact that mustard has quite an earthy feel about it, allows it to be trans-seasonal, and works well in summer, autumn, winter and spring!

Due to its earthiness, it mixes so well with your natural browns and greys to lift a room, and as stated above, warms up a blue or green space.


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Consider adding the mustard, next time you get asked 🙂


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