When it comes to selecting which size of television to buy, bigger is not always better.  Unless you have eyes on the side of your head, your peripheral view only stretches that far, and if too big, will make you feel like you are sitting in the front row of a cinema panning the whole time to follow the action.

So firstly I would like to share this little handy diagram with you to aid in the decision:


Therefore avoid that 72″ Super UHD Curved TV monster, if your couch is only 2m from the TV.

With compact and apartment living being preferred by more, the times of having a formal lounge and a separate TV room have moved on, to create an open plan space that serves multiple functions, from a lounge, to a dining room, reading room to workspace.  Therefore your TV should not be the first and only thing that people see when entering the room.  Rather take the time to design a TV unit that works for you together with the other functions in the room as well – storage for books, ornaments, displaying art etc.

The questions I ask when selecting a TV or any electronics in a living space are as follows:

  1. Does it pull focus
  2. Does it have a lot of wires
  3. Does it look cheap

Thinner is better, too much chrome looks cheap, and wireless speakers for the win!

Below are some inspiration pictures of how people have incorporated their televisions, that when not switched on, does not command the attention of the room. Note also that in all the pictures the television is in proportion to the size of the room.


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