So let us first celebrate that the inspiration for this post is the fact that I have a new client in London!  And when I asked her to share pictures with me of what she found inspiring, her Greek heritage definitely showed, and what I now like to call her Aegean Persuasion!

That paired with the fact that my Instagram feed is just filled with pictures of everybody taking in the European summer on the Spanish,  Amalfi and Greek coastlines, I feel compelled to vicariously place myself there by proxy through this post.

I would describe the look as rustic, colourful and bold!  Bougainvillea against white chalked buildings, mosaics and the smell of sunscreen in the air.  Furniture and crafts passed down generation through generation, mismatched crockery, and sun bleached wood.  Short of describing the set from Mama Mia! you get where I am going here.

Hertex also have a new range of material out called Amalfi


And if you are looking for an outdoor revamp, these materials from U&G’s outdoor range Caribbean Couture definitely fit the bill!

With winter being the best time to do a revamp of your outdoor areas if you live in the highveld due to the basically zero % chance of rain, give me a a call should you feel the need for change.

Pictures via


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