I hope that you have gathered from all my posts so far, that what I am trying to get to is a well curated life that tells a story.  If like me you study various design publications and websites, you will notice specific accessories that are often repeated in published homes.

What I like about about designer accessories, are that they are smaller items which are attainable for most people with maybe just a little bit of effort and sacrifice.

So this week I will be focussing on my top 5 picks for designer accessories in the home.

Day 1: Fornasetti Plates

Pierre Fornasetti was an Italian painter and interior decorator who during his lifetime created over 11,000 pieces, with many of them featuring the face of operatic soprano Lina Cavalieri who he saw in a 19th century Magazine.  Asked why, her responded “I don’t know, I began to make them and never stopped.”

Today his designs can be found in various fashion items, notably on plates.

Picture via



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