Just came back from 2 weeks on the road visiting my home town for some business and pleasure, as well as a quick shot left to the Kruger Park on my return.  Decided it to be a good time to take a break from blogging as well to reset and come back with some fresh content.

As the saying goes, a plumbers pipes are always leaking, and the same can be said about a designers house!  Firstly I love all my items of furniture as they all have a story attached so to part with them requires counselling and tranquillisers. But that being said, my own TV room was a sad state of brown and beige, a couch that was bought for a previous apartment and now way too big, and other hand me down and inherited pieces that I felt sorry for.  So when the opportunity came for my sister to rescue my furniture for her much bigger house, I jumped at the opportunity, and finally have something I have coveted for ages as evidenced by a previous post here… my BLUE VELVET COUCH!

So what started off as this sad state of affairs (note I did attempt to make the before just seem a little bit worse by not worrying to tidy up for the pics  :-))


Down with beige! How happy does my TV room in my loft look now?  I just love the colour and energy my velvet couch has brought.


The wicker chairs were rescued from my parents house, stained, re-upholsterd with leopard print cushions added, the material for which I bought on sale years ago for R7/m ( that’s $0.5/m for my American followers!).  I knew the day would come where it would find a home.  The orange occasional chair I rescued out of a digs as a student as its owner wanted drinking money, and had re-upholstered in orange to create a contrast.  Prints on the wall were 5 euro from Ikea in Amsterdam that I had framed when I got home.


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