As I live in an apartment myself, I am very well aware of the challenges that come with limited space.  You have to be smart with your furniture selection, and make sure that every piece has multiple functions, and at the very least… loads of storage!!

That is why when it comes to a smaller space, that needs to double as both a living area and TV lounge, and potentially even a dining room, I recommend not going with a plasma unit.  While plasma units work very well if you want to define your TV watching area, it is not very practical, because other than a few spaces for your electronic devices, they generally offer very little storage space.


What I rather recommend is a credenza or sideboard for various reasons:

  1. With your TV mounted off centre, you still have a lot of surface space you can style with vases and objet etc.
  2. By mounting your TV off centre, with some art or pictures next to it, it does not become the centre focus of the room.
  3. There is a lot of storage space in the credenza for either extra crockery you might have or your DVD and board game collection.
  4. A credenza can work in various areas of the home, from your bedroom, to dining room, it is a piece that can always be repurposed into another room should you move to a bigger place and your needs change.

Pictures via

My pick for today is the ‘Seared Oak Sideboard’ from Weylandts.  I would style it as follows:


Please click on ‘Contact’ above to book your decor consult or if you would like more details on the other sourced items in the look above.


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