One of my clients summed it up perfectly the other day when she said that animal print is a colour.  Something that perfectly complements most colour schemes and room settings.

As with all natural elements – wood, stone, metal – animal prints are a great way of introducing pattern and texture into a space.  If overdone it can end up as something some would refer to as kitsch, but I think a leopard print scatter, zebra print ottoman or a faux fur throw is always a cheeky addition to a room.  Dating back centuries, with real exotic animal skins showing status in the homes of royalty, this is a greener way of getting the same glamour at no expense of the majestic animals.

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Get the look with the fantastic new A-List collection from Hertex designed by interior designer  Donald Nxumalo.  Great quality printed velvets available now!

Remember that it is that time of year where most manufacturers are starting to close off their order books for the end of the year, so remember to book your consult if you would like to make any changes in your home in time for Christmas…scary I know!



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