Oh dear, I have been neglecting you my dear readers again due to work commitments (and some in-dispersed holidays) and then the pressure felt so big to write this amazing comeback story that I buckled and hid.  No, far from it being that dramatic, so much has happened in the last month with clients and design wise that I actually did not know how to put it down in words, so truthfully I have just been a bit overwhelmed by all the work streaming in which I am DEFINITELY not complaining about. So please see my silence as a success story.

One of these commitments was attending an out of town wedding with a group of my best friends, and discussing in the car… ‘Curtains from the ceiling’.  You see, my best friend enquired about the cost of new curtains, and I explained to her that I always recommend… curtains from the ceiling.  Her husband quickly interjected that their new house has 3m high ceilings, and that floor to ceiling curtains sound like a waste and a bit pretentious.

My dear friends, you see, I feel that as opposed to store bought curtains which come in standard length (218cm) or extra length (250cm), if you really want a bespoke look, its best to have curtains made that run from the ceiling to the floor.  Have a look below at what I mean.  It immediately creates the illusion of lifting the ceiling and making the space feel larger.

I can also add to the argument that I have 2 clients who had some curtains installed by me, and bought store curtains for other rooms in the house.  They have both mentioned that you cannot compare the quality and look.

Now I get the cost implications of bespoke custom curtains, and that it is not within everybody’s reach at the moment so my request is simple:

  1. Buy the longest curtains that you can find to create the illusion of height
  2. And if your rods are already installed, or you are installing them, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE move the rod so that the curtains just just rest on the floor.  Nothing worse than curtains that hang 5 or 10cm above the ground.  I always say it looks like pants that are too short.

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