Oh my word… the moment I got notification of this new range from Hertex, I immediately mailed all my mommy friends begging them to please place orders.

As the Hertex blurb states: THE HERTEX LITTLE RASCALS COLLECTION inspires and excites imaginations with pirates, flamingos and pretty florals to name but a few. Designed with children in mind, the modern yet youthful designs won’t compromise on sophisticated style.

I absolutely ADORE the new ‘Little Rascals’ range from Hertex, for 5 simple reasons:

  1. Non gender specific. While I get the whole blue room for a boy, pink room for a girl idea, I think it is quite a dated way of thinking when it comes to a child’s room.  These prints are all gender neutral, so fun for boys and girls, and perfect if you are pregnant and do not want to know the sex of the baby.
  2. The prints and designs are suitable from infant to primary school kids, so it will not be a bad investment when it comes to decorating your baby room, as it will be able to last for quite a few years – especially the geometric prints.
  3. It is a good mix of prints and geometrics that all seem to work together creating a wonderful pastel colour palette.  Not too matchy matchy which allows for substitutions later on should your child be  – how do I delicately put this – a little bit destructive with their furniture.
  4. There is no specific theme here.  You can go just for the geometrics, and mix the animals in, so it is not a phase like ‘Frozen’ or ‘Ben Ten’ that your child might be over in a year’s time.
  5. The darker geometrics and prints will also hide some indiscretions like that time someone forgot to put the lid on the marker pens…

Have a look below at some of the delicious prints in the range.  For the full range please visit Hertex.

Then lastly, contact me to place your orders!


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