So what gives you the idea that I have been researching baby rooms??  The brief that most of my clients have given me is that they are looking for furniture for a nursery that can be incorporated into the rest of the house once the baby is older, and I think I have found it.

Introducing Bunny & Clyde – South African designed,  manufactured, and developed by 3 mommies. I am in love.  Apart from the wonderful minimalist scandi designs, the furniture can be effortlessly incorporated into the rest of the house (ok, maybe not the cot :-)) but chatting to my mommy friends and choking at the cost of some designer prams, this to me would be a much better and longer lasting investment (my accountant brain does put on the brakes some time).

My favourite pieces are their Rosaline Rockers and Harrison Stations.  Perfectly shown below how they can incorporate into your house at a later stage when the kids are bigger.

Then they also have a wonderful range of cribs and beds.

Not forgetting their range of bedding and toys.

Feel free to enquire from me as to pricing, or dropping them a line directly.  Tell them I send my regards 🙂




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