Today I would like to share the result of an incredible transformation done on a shoestring budget, some elbow grease and a bit of vision.  My clients, a newly married couple, had just purchased their first property, and enlisted my help to update the property and create a warm an welcoming sanctuary for all who come past.

As can be seen from the before pictures, it was a 70’s style duplex with great bones, but that had not been updated since the day it was built other than the (luckily) neutral tiles that had been installed on the ground floor.

After an initial consult with the client and seeing their furniture and style, it was decided that we needed to create a white box, reintroduce more contemporary colours with correctly placed accent walls, and due to the limited budget we would have to do a lot ourselves!!

The kitchen needed the most help, as we wanted to open it up into the living area, so the bulk of our budget went to tiling the kitchen, replacing the sink and counters, and painting the kitchen cupboards which we did with lots of patience and builders tape!

After an effective week, we were ready to move in the furniture, and from what can be seen, the improvement has been incredible.


Also update the downstairs toilet to match with the living area…

And created a lovely his and hers study…


Overall a great success, celebrated with a wonderful housewarming (from which I am still recovering ;-))


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