Bonjour!!  Today was the final day of Maison & Objet, one of the biggest interior design shows in the world, that takes place in Paris twice a year.  This year I was fortunate enough to attend, and all I can say is that my mind is still racing from everything I saw!

There is no way that you can take in everything, as it is a complete sensory overload, so you end up noticing things that are of interest to you.  I walked in excess of 20km WITHIN the expo centre, to give you an indication of the scale of the show.

So what is the first trend that I spotted??  Basically a year ago I wrote about tropical being the trend to follow for 2016.  Well, it seems that this trend has evolved and now we are strongly moving towards birds of paradise.

Taxidermy also featured heavily (and cleverly all displays had signs which stated that the birds had died of natural causes and had been donated by zoological societies :-)).






Candle holders…




And even Christmas ornaments!

So you read it here first, when it comes to adding items to your home in 2017 to bring it on trend, add a parrot, it’s applicable.



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