So I have been terribly bad this year in updating my blog!  Thankfully I can say it is because of the fact that I have been so busy, that it had to unfortunately take a back seat with all my other ventures going for a while.

I finally took some time to organise all my photos from projects that I have completed and worked on so far this year, and will share them with you over the coming weeks.  With everybody (myself included) being pushed to the limit to get everything done this year that still needs to happen, it is nice to have a little distraction during your lunch break or after hours, so enjoy the pictures, and please give me your feedback.

The first project I would like to show you was a patio make-over I did right in the beginning of the year.  This house is situated on a lake, and inspiration was taken from the lake and gardens to determine a colour scheme.  The client wanted a vibrant patio that she could enjoy with her friends and family, as well as a space that was kid friendly for the grandchildren who come over often!


I do not like to waste what we already have, so we decided to recover the wingbacks that the client loved, as well as add a wicker couch for more seating.


We specifically went for the pattern on the couch seats (which is a UV protected waterproof outdoor material) to also hide any stains should a grandchild spill their drink or tomato sauce!

I think you will agree with me that the result definitely met the expectation, and I can think of no better place to enjoy an afternoon G&T!


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