I am currently busy with my own bedroom make-over (FINALLY!!!) and it only takes one new bit of bedlinen or cushion inner for you to realise how much you had let things deteriorate.  I am embarrassed that I let my room specifically get so far.

Our bedrooms are probably one of the most used rooms in our house.  We might spend time in the kitchen, or time in front of the TV, but your bedroom is where you spend the most uninterrupted time, and is supposed to evoke feelings of calm and relaxation.

This client had lovely pieces of furniture, but the scheme just felt a bit drab and beige for lack of a better word.  We put together a lovely pastel scheme that was both feminine and calm – a perfect fit for my client!

The mess in the before photo is not the client… it was my fault as I was scratching to see what I was working with 🙂


We added lovely new floral curtains to lift the space, recovered the headboard with matching box frill, recovered the lamp shades and added the mirrors behind them for romance.  Last but not least replaced the bedlinen with bespoke Italian Sateen – you will note the border on the bedlinen matches the colour scheme!


I have recently bought myself a set of the bedlinen as well, pure luxury and well worth the investment!

Now exhale…


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