Johannesburg has one of the best climates in South Africa I would say.  Even in the middle of winter, it will be sunny during the day allowing you to make use of your outdoor spaces.

This client of mine again had a fantastic base to start with, but just needed to freshen it up a bit.  With a menagerie of pets at this lovely home, the furniture took a bit of a beating, so an update was required – keeping in mind that it had to be animal proof!

IMG_6945We therefore decided to keep the patio set dark, so as to hide the paw prints, but rather make it pop with accent colours – mustard yellow to be precise!

All materials used are UV protected outdoor fabrics, which will allow it so survive the harsh South African sun!


If you look closely, note the mustard leopard print – LOVE!

The hide that we used was eventually replaced with an outdoor rug, as the hide would not have survived for very long with the highveld showers that roll in every afternoon in summer!


That table needs a glass (bottle) of white wine chilling!


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