When LG contacted me and asked me if I would review one of their latest microwaves from a design perspective, I was quite honoured.  I have been following LG’s design story for quite a while because of their association with my favourite interior designer – Nate Berkus

LG have really put in the time and effort to not only make their products functionally brilliant, but also to appeal aesthetically, so I was really interested to see what was inside the box.

As a designer, I am all about full integration in the kitchen to achieve that seamless look.  That includes the microwave. I love when appliances are grouped together, as I believe it lifts the overall look of the kitchen.

I spend a LOT of time searching for the inspiring interior photos to share with my Instagram followers, and over the past year these are the ones I keep coming


That being said, integrated appliances are not cheap! In fact, they could end up to be the most expensive component of your kitchen, so where does that leave the normal consumer that cannot afford full integration?

Design Tip: Look for products that give the least ‘design noise’ 

So let me take you into my kitchen.  I am one of those consumers that planned for the integrated microwave by allowing for the space, but when my kitchen was done, ran out of budget!


It is now 5 years later, and I have still not installed the microwave, as it is literally 3 to 5 times the price of a stand alone microwave. So I was very excited to see how the LG NeoChef would integrate into my kitchen – especially 5 years post revamp!

So has LG been successful in designing a product that is simple and aesthetically quiet?

  1. The NeoChef is available in both stainless steel of black mirror finish.  I LOVE the black mirror finish.  Sitting flush with my cabinetry, it completely disappears. Also works as I happen to have a black and white kitchen 🙂IMG_3470
  2. Even the scroll button is ‘push-out’, allowing it to be flush with your cabinetry when not in use.
  3. The front face of the microwave is completely seamless which baffled a few of my friends – ‘How do you open it?’.  Well, like an oven!  The handle bar is in a groove that runs along the top of the microwave, allowing it to do away with the dreaded open button that is a dirt trap, or a handle bar stuck to the face of the microwave.
  4. There are only 7 buttons on the face of the microwave. The the rest of the controls managed by the round scroll button.
  5. Options menu is cleverly located on the inside of the microwave door.IMG_3482

So what is the verdict? Well done LG!  I think you have managed to develop a product that blends beautifully into a kitchen, and does not try to steal focus – exactly what I want in a microwave.


The only thing I need to do now, is have the panel cut to cover the gap left above the microwave to fake the integration into my kitchen 🙂


For more information please visit LG.com


P.S. I have zero technical knowledge on this microwave, but what I can tell you, that with its smart inverter technology, it is the only microwave I have ever used that could fully defrost a steak without cooking the edges!

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