The thing that I love about design is that small tweaks, focus walls, changing lighting, and one or two new pieces of furniture can really change a space up.  When it comes to new builds, I recommend keeping it as neutral as possible until you live in the space a bit and know exactly where the light falls or have figured out how to use your space functionally.

This lovely young family had built a beautiful home on a golf estate, kept it neutral, but now wanted to lift it, and take it from a spec house to a bespoke home.

First thing we did was to move the patio furniture out of the braai room, and rather create a second lounge for the adults.  As this is a young family, one lounge downstairs would not be enough as the kids grew up and would want their own space. We kept with the neutral theme of the home, but added in some green for variation. We also treated all the new and bespoke furniture and carpets to be stain proof… little kids 🙂


Secondly we updated the barstools in the kitchen, and added the red brick wallpaper to the breakfast nook.


And then lastly we created a focus wall above the sideboard in the dining room, arranged some new objet, and warmed up the space with a new chandelier and rug.


Overall creating separate areas in the home, but yet all speaking the same ‘language’ as I always say.




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